I’m Emily

A graphic designer and branding enthusiast who believes that the bigger and crazier the dreams,
the better!

So since you’re here I can only assume you’re a passionate, entrepreneurial woman with a whole lot of heart. Either you’ve got a business or you’re on your way to starting one, and you recognise the importance of a brand that’s on point. Well, you’re most definitely in the right place!

I’m Emily, graphic designer, branding enthusiast, serial business starter, mum of two and happy wife to one pretty amazing guy. I love the sun (which is hard during Melbourne’s 9 month winter, urgh!), I love holidays to beautiful places, I love living in the Yarra Valley (except the aforementioned long winter issue), I love food, eating it that is, not cooking it, I destest cooking. I’m a vegetarian, and have been my entire life thanks to my dad’s love for animals, he’s a big softie in a giant’s body. I also happen to be passionate about small business and great design. And when those two things meet… magic happens!



I totally believe business has the power to change the world for the better, if we can just get out of our own way and show the world what we’re made of.


With over 8 years experience in graphic design, and 6 years in my own business I have learnt a helluva lot and love helping other hustling ladies start their businesses with a bang! I am passionate about helping businesses put their best foot forward and connect with their tribe by utilising strategic and beautiful design.


Some random facts:

– Obsessed with accents, and usually, when reading a children’s book aloud, will do so in an english accent. It sounds so much better that way!
– Love Disney! If I could take all my family and friends with me, I would very happily move to the US just to be closer to Disneyland.
– I hate heights. I cried climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge, like ugly, sobbing cries. It wasn’t pretty. 
– Yet ironically, can totally handle planes. In fact I don’t mind flying at all, and it’s totally worth it to travel!